The Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled’s (PWTD) major function is to improve the quality of life of the members of society with disability, through provision of monetary and technical assistance to NGOs all over the Punjab. The aim with which the Trust was established was to help individuals suffering from mental, physical, visual, hearing and speech disability.
    PWTD   History

The Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled was established via Punjab Government in 1991. The Trust’s activities remained latent until 1997, when it was reactivated on February 20 and the necessary appointments as envisaged in the notification, i.e. members of the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee, were made.
From this point onwards PWTD actively started working towards achieving its mission and vision. The Trust dedicated itself to strengthening selected NGOs. Initially, this work involved a variety of initiatives; the development of appropriate premises, ensuring proper hygiene and sanitation of the premises, housekeeping (e.g. simple account keeping), standardization of syllabi, up-gradation of qualifications of teachers and enhanced emoluments, improving standards of instruction, and provision of special equipment where needed. At the second stage, attention was paid to the training of teachers, conducting research and seminars on relevant subjects. Simultaneously, an aggressive outreach program was pursued to reach; inaccessible rural areas, kachi abadies (urban slums) and as those who cannot reach established institutions that are usually located in distant cities, for advice, treatment and instruction for disabled children and their families.

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    Aims  And  Objectives

Prepare and execute policies and plans for the welfare and rehabilitation through treatment, care, employment, and education and such like other manners. Develop, standardize and establish special institutions. Plan and co-ordinate activities in the field for the welfare of the disabled. Deal with and enter into agreements with other countries or international organizations, subject to the constitution/law. Promote
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