The Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled’s (PWTD) major function is to improve the quality of life of the members of society with disability, through provision of monetary and technical assistance to NGOs all over the Punjab. The aim with which the Trust was established was to help individuals suffering from mental, physical, visual, hearing and speech disability.

PWTD's mandate envisions its work in various domains.

Research: The Trust’s mandate included conduct of research on issues of the disabled for various purposes, including impact assessment

Education: The Trust is mandated to work towards strengthening exclusive education and inclusive education. Exclusive education, also known as formal education includes formal and technical institutions for the disabled. In order to achieve this mandate, as a first step, schools are chosen by the Trust and then approximately ten to fifteen students with disabilities are identified in each area to join these schools.
Since April 2009, the Trust also started focusing on "inclusive education," i.e. a system of education in which all the pupils with special educational needs are enrolled in ordinary classes in schools and are provided with support services and an education based on their specific needs.

Treatment: The Trust assists NGOs financially to support treatment of visual disability and orthopedic reconstructive surgery.

Prevention: PWTD is focusing on prevention of disabilities through raising awareness and educating people about them. e.g. conducting sessions on polio, early detection of disability in children through mothers' education, and linking individuals in need with service providers (medical practitioners) through NGOs.

Rehabilitation: The Trust provides NGOs working in the area with financial assistance for physical rehabilitation of the disabled, e.g. bearing cost of limbs or other body parts for individuals with physical disability.

Financial assistance: The Trust provides financial assistance in almost every field to the NGOs that it is assisting to facilitate them in fulfilling their mandate.

Vocational training: Another area where the Trust provides services is vocational training of the disabled. This activity is undertaken through partner NGOs.

Job placement: The Trust is also involved in job placement of the disabled both directly and through assisted NGOs.

Micro financing: The Trust has initiated an activity to support the disabled via micro financing through a partner NGO, 'Akhuwat'

General public awareness: Awareness raising is undertaken by the Trust through; events organized for rehabilitation on a zonal basis, newspapers articles and meetings with influential people of the area where financial assistance is being provided.

Capacity building of NGOs: The Trust builds the capacity of the NGOs that it supports by providing Regular Grants (i.e. fixed grants paid monthly or as per annum) and Capital Grants (i.e. project based one-off grants e.g. for construction, cars, etc.)


Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled in association with Kimse Yok Mu plans to carry out twenty five thousand cataract surgeries in the next two years in Punjab especially covering the rural and sub-urban areas. All these surgeries will be free of cost to the visually impaired patients. The cost pertaining to the cataract surgeries will be borne by Kimse Yok Mu. 

Internship Program

PWTD has been successfully conducting Internship Program with different institutions.

By the help of this program PWTD is creating Awareness in general public regarding- Disability, its issues and solutions


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    Aims  And  Objectives

Prepare and execute policies and plans for the welfare and rehabilitation through treatment, care, employment, and education and such like other manners. Develop, standardize and establish special institutions. Plan and co-ordinate activities in the field for the welfare of the disabled. Deal with and enter into agreements with other countries or international organizations, subject to the constitution/law. Promote
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